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Neon Solid Industrial Balls

Available in five bright neon colors

Solid Color Industrail Ball

Solid Industrial Balls

Available in 10 standard colors

Clear Industrial Ball

Clear Industrial Balls

1 1/4" to 4" diameters available.

Sparkle Industrial Ball

Sparkle Industrial Balls

Brilliant transparent colors with silver throughout.

Marbleized Industrial Ball

Marbleized Industrial Balls
Beautiful marbleized patterns in unlimited color choices.

Neon Pearl Industrial Ball

Neon Pearl Industrial Balls

Brilliant pearlescent neon colors.

Pearl Industrial Ball

Pearlescent Industrial Balls

Brilliant, rich pearlescent colors and effects.
Transparent Industrial Ball

Transparent Industrial Balls

LIght permeates these beautifully colored balls.

Translucent Industrial Ball

Translucent Industrial Balls

Bright semi-transparent neon colors.

Product Specifications



EPCO Industrial / Commercial Balls

epco balls




EPCO’s (E. Parrella Company, Inc.) 60 Years of manufacturing allows us to provide our customers with a vast amount of knowledge and experience in producing quality products for numerous industries.

EPCO’s manufacturing capabilities include the manufacture of Bowling Balls for small ball bowling, Billiards, Bocce Sets, Automotive Shift Knobs, Industrial/Commercial Balls, Golf Tee Markers and Rod & Sheet material.

The ability to produce Quality, Precision & Innovative products in a fantastic array of styles such as Solid Opaque, Marbleized, Pearlescent, Clear, Transparent, Translucent, Sparkle and Black-light illuminated, sets us apart from all other manufacturers.

EPCO specializes in the manufacture of balls ranging in sizes 1 1/4” to 8 1/4” diameter as well as customized manufacturing of products for the above-mentioned industries, in both large and small quantities.

All EPCO Products are manufactured in the USA.